Friday, 1 May 2015

Happy May Day

Beltane almost came as a surprise this year; with the little man around time just flies and I've completely lost track of it. My calendar reminded me yesterday that it was Beltane and I didn't have anything ready to celebrate, so I came up with a last minute decoration: some ribbon streamers tied to a wicker heart. Unfortunately by the time I remembered and finished the day was over and it was too dark outside for photos, so I took some on May Day.

May Day ribbon heart

I've hung the heart from the birch tree in our garden, so the little man can see the ribbons dancing in the wind from our living room window.

May Day ribbon heart

The ribbons are inspired by a May Pole and the wicker heart seemed rather apt as Jamie and I got married on May Day and the heart is from one of our flower baskets we used on our wedding day. I can't believe that we've been married two years already; I'm telling you time does fly when you're happy.

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