Sunday, 9 November 2014

25 years ago ...

... the Berlin wall fell. 

Had that not happened I wouldn't have been able to leave the GDR to live in England, which means I would have never met my lovely hubby and therefore the little man would not exist. I am so grateful for what I've got and would rather not think about how life would have turned out for me had that ugly wall not come down.

Although I wasn't quite 12 years old when it happened I knew back then that this meant something big and life changing. I still remember the news and those days at school when every day there seemed to be less and less kids in the classroom as everyone wanted to go across the border to see what it was all about. On Saturdays the classroom was pretty much empty to a point where they simply stopped teaching on Saturdays - hooray. Then finally the day came when my parents took me and my sister across to the West for a day and we bought our first kinder surprise egg and got some bubblegum and trashy toys from a machine.

Here's a look at the news from 25 years ago.

Today thousands of people in Berlin celebrate the fall of the wall with a great light art project called Lichtgrenze (light border).

As we can't be there to celebrate I made a little lantern for the little man to celebrate here at home.

It's made from black card and multi coloured transparent paper. It's hanging from a glow stick and to make it childproof I used a flickering LED candle.

handmade lantern

handmade lantern

handmade lantern

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