Monday, 4 November 2013

Halloween 2013 Update

spooky pumpkin 5 photo anigif5_zps4b7268cc.gif
I really must get more organised and make sure I edit my pictures and upload a post much closer to the time of the event, but here's my Halloween 2013 update at last.

Like most years I had great fun getting dressed up.

Halloween Witch

Halloween Witch

Every day last week I had some sort of Halloween themed food, such as these cute meringue ghosts, ...

meringue ghosts

... sausage mummies, ...

sausage mummies

... jack o'lantern stuffed peppers, ...

jack o'lantern stuffed peppers

... pumpkin pie (obviously), ...

pumpkin pie

... pumpkin rolls (pumpkin shaped and containing pumpkin), ...

pumpkin rolls

... and sugar and cinnamon (what else?) roast pumpkin seeds.

cinnamon roast pumpkin seeds

I also made a pumpkin & cranberry bread, but ate it before I took a picture. I think the pumpkin rolls were my favourites. They were based on this amazing post and really easy to make. They were great with savoury soups as well as with butter and homemade strawberry jam. I made 30(!) rolls, but froze about 20 of them.

Needless to say I also carved a pumpkin, I mean it was Halloween after all - right?

Halloween pumpkin

As always Halloween was a great success at work, about 90%+ of people got dressed up for the day incl. myself (I think that goes without saying).

Halloween at work

We had a Halloween themed staff lunch, where they served ghoulish beef stew with pumpkin rice and pumpkin dumplings and lollipops for desert.

Halloween at work

We even did some apple bobbing. Guess who braved the barrel of floating spit and won first prize? Yes, that was me!

apple bobbing

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