Sunday, 21 July 2013

Edna's new Necklace

chicken with bread necklace

We gave our chickens a few slices of bread and as usual they picked the centres out first, but our Edna is a bit of a crazy hen and decided to toss the hollowed out slices around until eventually one ended up around her neck.

She proudly walked around the run wearing it like a necklace, occasionally pecking a few more crumbs out of it.

chicken with bread necklace

Lottie certainly admired Edna's edible jewellery until it fell off for everyone to enjoy.

chicken with bread necklace

UPDATE: Lottie, who looked quite impressed on this last picture has since figured out how to make a bread necklace for herself. Unfortunately we didn't have the camera to hand to document it, but I've got a feeling she'll soon do it again.

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