Monday, 5 November 2012

More Halloween Pics

As you may have guessed from my last post I had a lot of fun on Halloween.

This year we actually celebrated at work.

I won 1st prize for my costume.

A teeny weeny crochet witch hat ...

Halloween Witch

... and a quick 1-hour skirt from black and silver Halloween fabric.

Halloween Witch Skirt

I also won 3rd prize in the pumpkin carving competition for my prison themed pumpkin, which was quite apt seeing that I occasionally work in a prison.

Halloween Pumpkin Prison and Cute Pumpkin

Pumpkin Prison

Here are all the entries lined up.

Halloween Pumpkins

We also had a fun speed-mummification competition.

Halloween Pumpkins

And last, but not least to end a fun day and night I had this little collection of spooky beers and ales.

Halloween Beers

Needless to say I only had one. It was a "school night" after all.

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