Thursday, 11 October 2012

A Day at the Museum

The other day Jamie and I went to Ryedale Folk Museum, a great open air museum in North Yorkshire. There was far too much to discover in the few hours we were there, so we're planning on going back there in spring.

There were many old buildings giving you an idea of what ordinary life throughout history must have been like including lots of workshops ...

 and a little old fashioned high-street with historic shops.

Check out the pretty buttons.

There even was a replica of an Iron Age dwelling ...

... and a display of local witch craft tools ...

... including this amazing magick spell book ...

... and this witch post which is one of only 20 known examples.

The model village with its working wind mill and water wheel was pretty impressive too.

The weather wasn't great that day and when I was looking for shelter from the rain, I discovered the fibre craft workshops that were held that day. 

Some very enthusiastic ladies showed me how to wet-felt ...

... and needle-felt. This project was based on a water colour painting that looked pretty as it was, but its interpretation in wool was simply amazing.

One lady finally taught me how to spin using a drop spindle.

And while I was learning new skills and was getting lots and lots of ideas for projects, Jamie made friends with some of the super cute farm cats.

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