Friday, 24 August 2012

Spurn Point

As it was warm and sunny day last Saturday, Jamie and I went to Spurn Point, a narrow spit of land, where the river Humber meets the North Sea.

We went for a very long walk along the beach ...

... and as it was quite warm, I went for a little dip in the sea.

There's more to this story though ... Although we're both very embarrassed how stupid we were, it's kinda funny, well it is if you know the area, so you might not appreciate it. 
Anyway, this is how it goes: 
We've been walking for a long, long time and noticed the current and the water change, so we thought we must be quite near the end, but looking at the stretch ahead of us "realised" that it would still be miles to get to the end, the actual turning point. So we decided that we'd never make it and should probably turn around. I wanted to climb up the dunes, so I could go to the other side and walk along the river. As we walked down the path right in the middle of the stretch of land I thought I'd recognised some places we'd passed earlier. As a matter of fact I was convinced that I've seen a place that looked exactly like where we'd parked the car earlier, but Jamie said I was silly, that we're at least an hour or two away from it and the area just looked similar because all places, where there are old war bunkers look basically the same, so I left it at that. We were then amazed that there was another lighthouse, we didn't know existed, but looked just like the one we saw earlier. By then we decided that it was definitely time to go back and we'd just have a quick peek at the river side, so we went further up another dune and that's when the brain overload kicked in: the sea was suddenly on the other side and someone had put up the exact same gazebo as the people, when we first got on the beach - what a coincident! It took us another five minutes to realise, that we'd walked all the way round without even noticing and that we'd come off at the place we actually had parked the car a few hours earlier. I mean, how stupid are we? O.k., so this story may not sound funny to you, but believe me it was at the time and my brain is still baffled that we managed to do that without realising and that we'd almost walked all the way back to where we'd already been. We could have been walking round in circles for the rest of our lives.

Here's a map to give you an idea of where we've actually been.

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