Sunday, 12 August 2012

A Week away

Jamie and I went on our annual trip to Germany, where apart from seeing my family and meeting up with friends, I had tiny ice creams making it look like I have giant hands.

As it was very hot (46 °C), I made the most of my sister's pool, ...

... and my parent's pond.

We saw bright green frogs, ...

... and beautiful storks.

We went to a chainsaw carving competition, where some pretty amazing creations were exhibited.

One day we went to the striking Harz mountains.

We took the cable car ...

... up to the Hexentanzplatz (= Witches' Dance Floor), an old Saxon cult site, where all the witches meet on Walpurgisnacht to celebrate Beltane.

We visited the spectacular Thale Mountain Theatre, one of the oldest open air theatres in Germany which offered a stunning view.

We then went to the Walpurgishalle, a museum built in old Germanic style with an amazingly carved head.

Inside paintings by Hermann Hendrich show scenes from Goethe's Faust.

The hall also exhibits an ancient sacrifice stone.

Once back down in the valley, I refreshed my tired feet in the river Bode.

On the way home to my parents' house we stopped at a lovely restaurant overlooking Rammelburg Castle.

Needless to say we had an amazing time in Germany.


  1. hi! your blog is so cool! would u like to follow each other? i'll be very happy!)

  2. большое спасибо Lena. sorry my Russian is a little rusty. i've not had chance to use it in over 20 years. i just had a look at your blog and i love it, so i've hit the follow button. i'll make sure that it's on my regular reading list from now on.