Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Sweet Woodruff Ice Cream

As I consumed my last helping of super yummy sweet woodruff ice cream today I realised I never shared the recipe with you.

If you'd like to try it for yourself here's what you should do:

Pick about 15 sprigs of sweet woodruff and allow them to dry in the shade for two to four hours - this will bring out a more intense flavour.

Add your sweet woodruff sprigs to 200 ml of full fat milk and warm up slowly in order to infuse the milk - do not allow to boil.

Once you've reached a flavour strong enough to your liking take the milk of the heat and allow the mixture to cool down. Then strain the infused milk into a mixing bowl and add a splash of green food colouring if you like.
While this is cooling down further whip 200 ml of whipping or double cream.
In a separate bowl mix 2 egg yolks with 70 g of caster sugar until fluffy.
Gently mix the milk, cream and egg-sugar mixture together and pour into your ice-cream maker (if you have one) and set to churn for 30 minutes. Your sweet woodruff ice cream is now ready for you to enjoy or for further freezing.

If you don't have an ice cream maker, simply freeze your mixture and remove from the freezer every 30 minutes to fluff up with a fork, then return to freezer and repeat until the right consistency is reached.

And here I am enjoying what I believe to be the best ice cream flavour there is:

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  1. Hi Nicole,
    I have loved Waldmeister ice cream since I was a child. Have never been able to get it in England tho. I have only just been able to find woodruff plants at Garden Center . I will be making the best ice cream in the world, as soon as my plants have spread ( following your recipe of course ;) ).

    Thanks for the recipe