Saturday, 12 May 2012

An itsy bitsy teeny weeny Cardigan

As my boss is a brand new dad I decided to make his little daughter the tiny sleeveless cardigan that was featured in Crochet Today's March/April 2012 issue.

I used some yarn I already had in my stash. I ended up making the sleeveless version because I ran out of yarn. I'm not sure why I had this in my stash in the first place as the colour isn't something I'd normally choose. My guess is that I bought it because I needed a tiny amount to make a toy or something as only a very small amount was missing from the original 100g skein. Anyway it's all gone now and it turned out very cute. My boss seemed to like it and promised his daughter would be wearing it soon. Oh, I do hope he's going to show me a picture of her in it.
He gave me a very cute Thank-you card with a lovely picture of his daughter wearing the cardi.

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