Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Goblin Blood

I've recently developed an obsession with fruit curds. For years I didn't even know what they were, actually I don't think they exist in Germany, and when I moved to the UK and found out about them I just thought it sounded very odd and therefore never tried it.
Last Christmas however, I decided to use up some eggs from my chickens and the last few lemons that were left from my bulk buying at the time for a couple of jars of lemon curd for Jamie's parents' Christmas hamper. There was a tiny bit left that didn't fit into the jars, so I tried it and that was all it took - now I'm hooked.
Since then I made a couple more batches, but always lemon flavour, so I thought there must be other things one can do and with that my imagination went wild and ever since I've been thinking up the strangest flavours. Whenever I eat something sweet I begin to wonder what that would be like as a curd, no longer stopping at fruit.
The main reason behind this obsession is that curds are an awesome way to flavour yoghurt, apart from fresh fruit or honey of course and since I've started making my own yoghurt a few months ago, dreaming up curd flavours suddenly made sense.
My first experimental and slightly mad sounding curd flavour I tried (after all the lemon ones), I bet you guessed it, was: Sweet Woodruff!

I followed my usual method for making lemon curd in a slow cooker and simply substituted the lemon juice with some water that was strongly infused with sprigs of sweet woodruff and I also added a few finely chopped leaves of woodruff to the mixture.
It tastes extremely nice, but I haven't tried flavouring any yoghurt with it yet, although I'm convinced it's going to be delicious.
As I went a bit overboard on the food colouring (again) and the curd didn't actually set for the first 48 hours (it has now), the whole thing looked more like a Halloween decoration, so I made some alternative labels:

The full moon reference is actually a fact, which makes the spooky labels quite apt.

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