Sunday, 29 April 2012

Let Battle commence

This week we had another competition at work. As part of a slightly delayed St. George's Day celebration the challenge was to create a shield and to design our very own coat of arms - all that with two days notice.
So, Jamie went out to find me a suitable piece of wood and I got my junior hacksaw out. 

After a couple of hours of sawing and a broken blade I was left with this rather wonky shape that vaguely resembled a shield.

I then added a leather handle (made from an old belt), coated it with primer and decoupaged it with floral paper to make it a bit more "me".

For my "coat of arms" I arranged some craft related clip arts inside a heart.

Around the edges I glued some buttons I had printed.

And here I am, ready for action:
And would you believe it, after all that my creation didn't even make it into the top three - I did come 4th though.

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