Thursday, 22 March 2012

Spring Equinox Update

I thought I'd give you a bit more background on my last pictures only post.

To celebrate Ostara / Spring Equinox I made my eggs in brine again like most years. I hard boiled some Bantam eggs in salty water with some caraway seeds (for flavour) and onion peel (the dry skin only - for colour). I then shocked the eggs in cold water and broke their shells to allow the brine to infuse the the eggs and to give them a nice marble effect, then I simply put them in an empty pickle jar and poured the brine the eggs were cooked in over them.
Check out the marbling on this one:
I also made some traditional hot cross buns. As you may know by now I can't stand raisins, currants or sultanas, so my plan was to replace them with cranberries like I usually do, but it turned out that I didn't have any in my store cupboard. What I did have though were slices of dried apples, which I prepared last autumn with apples from my garden, so I cut them into little bits and ended up with apple and cinnamon hot cross buns - perfect.
However prior to baking they rather looked like unpeeled potatoes,
but once baked they were simply delicious, I'd even go as far as saying they were the best ones I ever had.
As usual I also "blew" out some eggs, but instead of decorating them from the outside and hanging them from branches, this year I turned them into candles and little plant pots.
I simply melted some lavender scented votive candles in a bain marie; the wick just came out by itself, so I could re-use it. 
I balanced the wick inside the egg shells (a little weight at the bottom helps), then spooned in the melted wax and allowed it to cool down.
I then planted some white (!) muscari in some further empty egg shells et voilĂ  an egg based spring display, that also smells rather nice.

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