Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Yummy Yoghurt

These last few days I've been experimenting with dairy in an attempt to make yoghurt. Thanks to this post over at Zoe Bakes it's been quite a success. At first I thought half a gallon of yoghurt would be way to much, but I followed the instructions and quantities anyway ... and finished eating the lot within two days! Straight away I made another batch using half a cup of yoghurt from my first batch as a starter. The first lot was made from full fat milk and the second one from semi skimmed. I can't wait to start my next batch with skimmed milk, making it a virtually fat free yoghurt. As Jamie has just started decorating our kitchen, I will have to fit my yoghurt production schedule around all that, meaning I have to wait, which isn't easy now that I know how good homemade yoghurt tastes. I tried making yoghurt before, but the recipes I used previously weren't very precise about temperatures and timings, so they didn't turn out this well.

Here are some pictures of my yoghurt in the making
and here some photos of the end result.

I left some of it quite thin so I could pour it over my cereals and also so I could mix it with herbs as a tasty salad dressing. Some of it I drained through a cheese cloth until it reached a thick Greek style yoghurt texture. I also left a part of it in the cheese cloth for a bit longer, which resulted in a lovely soft cheese, kinda like Philadelphia. I had a little bit of it spread on a slice of toasted homemade bread, sprinkled with some freshly ground pepper - sooo tasty. Then I mixed some with well drained tinned salmon for a sandwich filler and mixed another part of the cheese with homemade lemon curd for a yummy cheese cake topping, but more on all that another time.

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