Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Pigeon anyone?

Last night when I came home from work I saw a pigeon sitting on our drive and it wouldn't move out of the way for my car, so I parked and went to take a look at it. With that it started flapping its wings and jumped out of the way, but didn't manage to fly away properly. Of course my cats noticed it straight away and tried to get it. So I chased the cats away and picked up the pigeon. It didn't look injured or poorly, I thought it was maybe just exhausted - or sad as I found the wings of another one in our garden, clearly attacked by the cats or something else. 
To protect the bird from the cats and to give it a place to rest over night I put it in my old chicken coop, that I no longer use - I didn't want the pigeon to go in with my chickens in case it had a disease. I gave it some mixed corn and water to help it get its strength back. When we went to let it out this morning the pigeon was walking around the coop exploring, but didn't want to go, it didn't even make an attempt to leave.
Here's some pictures of it:

  Pretty cute, don't you think?

It didn't have a ring, so I don't know if it belongs to anyone. Do you recon it's an ordinary wood pigeon? Any idea what type of pigeon it is?

What shall I do with it now? Keep it where it is (away from the cats) and give it food and water every day until it decides it's ready to go? Shall I pick it up and lift it up high to see if that encourages it to fly off? Am I stuck with a pet pigeon now?

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