Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Cure-All-and-Everything Balm

I've been getting light migraines these last few days, not the really bad kind where you can't do anything, but the ones that are just there, really annoying and feel like they could develop into something far worse. I had this for 6 days in a row and felt like I wasted some precious triptans in order to get it under control. 

To find a non-drowsy and less chemical solution to ease the pain I've been experimenting with some ingredients from my store cupboard and there it was: the "Cure-All-and-Everything Balm" was born.

It smells strong and herby yet pleasantly soothing, which makes is ideal for easing headaches, when used on your temples, as well as clearing a blocked nose if you rub it on your chest and back (and a tiny bit directly under your nose).
Its ingredients are mild enough and and its texture smooth enough to sooth dry skin - especially on elbows and even on my face.
I am also very pleased about the balm's massage qualities when I kneaded into some rather sore neck and shoulder muscles.

I'm afraid if you want to make your own you will have to experiment with the amounts and proportions as I didn't make a note of that and simply followed my nose when throwing all the things together. 

 Anyway this is what I did: 

1. I crushed some dried thyme, parsley, cardamom, cloves, basil, chamomile, mint, fennel and rosemary with a pestle and mortar.
2. I then added enough walnut oil to cover the dried mixture.
3. In order to infuse the oil I warmed up the concoction (but don't let it get too hot as you don't want to fry the herbs and seeds), allowed it to cool down.
4. I repeated step 3 a few times until I felt the oil was fragrant enough.
5. Then strained the oil. I didn't want to waste the herbs, so I added them to the bottle with the remaining walnut oil to infuse that naturally for the next batch.
6. I added some beeswax to the strained oil and slowly warmed it until the beeswax had melted.
7. Now all there was left to do was to fill the hot liquid balm into little jars and containers and wait for it to cool.

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