Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Movember - The Grand Finale

As mentioned in my last post some of my colleagues had decided to raise money for "Movember" in support of for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men. Although today's the last day, there's still time to support my work's team. A few of the guys grew moustaches in order to get sponsored - easy for them. It was slightly harder for us girls to think of a way to get involved and raise money, so some of us came up with the idea of hosting a photo booth. I made over 30 card moustaches on sticks in 5 different styles. I found the templates on this pretty blog, although I didn't even attempt on doing the swirly one, as I don't think my card would have been as strong as the foam used in the tutorial. 

This is what mine turned out:
On those pics style 4 looks pretty much like style 2, but that's just because my hair is hiding the whisker detail of style 4.

The moustaches were a hit with the ladies ...
... and the photo booth was great fun.

 I also made some stuffed felt brooches, which sold like hot cross buns.

 My last contribution to today's charity event was a stuffed crochet cuddly moustache toy,  based on this pattern to be handed over as a trophy for the guy with the best homegrown moustache, which luckily went to the one I voted for.

 All in all along with today's effort and the online sponsorships we made way over £1,000 for charity, which our company is going to match.

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