Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A Hedgehog by the Fireplace

The other week I bought a pack of air-dry clay with no plans in mind. When wrecking my brains what to do with it, I thought it should be something seasonal, yet quite simple as I had never worked with clay before. So the idea of an ornamental hedgehog was born. I picked a few twigs the wind had brought down and cut them down to about 2.5 inches for spikes and went through my button jar for some suitable eyes and a nose.

Kneading the clay was harder than I thought as it formed quite a few cracks on the the surface, but they disappeared when I brushed it with a bit of water. The head-body joint seems pretty stable, but has become visible now that it's dry. A few cracks also appeared around the "spikes" after drying, so that's something to bear in mind, in case I try again. I'm already thinking of smaller versions made in one piece out of white clay with match sticks dipped in white paint for spikes, then a sprinkle of glitter for a more wintry decoration.

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