Friday, 5 August 2011

Petition for Summer to come to England

Last weekend we were spoilt with sunshine and warmth. This is what it should be like in summer, but unfortunately that seems to be a rarity around here. 

Who would have guessed, the weather forecast for this weekend is rain. 

So all that seems to be left of summer are the memories of last weekend, when we went to Wharram Percy, one of my favourite places.

It was so relaxing to enjoy the sunshine surrounded by seemingly untouched nature ...

... watching bees and other creatures, ...

... paddling in a cooling stream, ...

... and blowing bubbles.

I'm beginning to think that maybe I put an end to summer, by allowing my flower headgear to float away in the stream.

So, if want summer to come back to England, sign here and I shall see what I can do about it.

In the meantime I better plan some indoor craft projects for this weekend.

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