Wednesday, 25 May 2011

An artificially prolonged weekend

After some rather hard and sad weeks filled with worries and upsetting news, followed by a ruined weekend (a Saturday in bed with migraine and limited by extreme winds on Sunday), we felt that we really needed some cheering up and a way to make up for the spoiled weekend. So we went to Scarborough on Monday evening.

We went for delicious fish & chips at Harry Ramsden.

And then went to spend all our 2p coins (after raiding our piggy bank) in the amusements pretending we're in Las Vegas. Although I didn't win anything, apart from more 2p coins, it was good fun.

The little trip made up for what we missed out on last weekend and was a nice start to the week. Needless to say I slept rather well after all that fresh sea air.

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