Thursday, 14 April 2011

Meet my chickens

Unfortunately I lost poor little Antonia a couple of months ago. To keep Olivia company I got a trio of Bantams, but Olivia didn't like the little cockerel and kept fighting him, although he's only half her size. I had to keep them separate, which means Olivia was still lonely and tried everything to get my attention, so I decided to get her a new friend. Jamie's uncle and mum helped us build a bigger chicken run two weeks ago. As soon as it was finished I went to get a new hen, an ex-battery one this time. When I went to get her I couldn't believe that she used to live in a battery as she was so big and in such great condition, the guy who rescued her must have really looked after her which I'm very glad about. Anyway the new hen is called Matilda and the friendliest chicken ever, she gets on with all the others and just loves being stroked.

So, here's a picture of my new run:

 These are my tiny Bantams: Little Jerry Seinfeld (the cockerel - obviously), Betty (the black hen) and Lottie (the grey hen):
Them two here are now best friends: Matilda (the brown ex-battery hen) and Olivia (the speckled one):
Unfortunately I can't get them all to line up, so you can see the difference in size, but to give you an idea here's a picture of me and Matilda ...
... and one of me an Little Jerry for comparison.
As he is that tiny, here's a close-up, so you can see how pretty he is:
It's not only the birds that differ in size, have a look at their eggs ...


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