Monday, 7 February 2011

First Signs of Spring

Look, Snowdrops, at last!

These little beauties seem to be coming up everywhere at the moment, which can only mean one thing: Spring's on its way - hooray.

To stick with the Spring theme I finished the Fern Cowl from Inside Crochet, issue 14, in a fresh Spring green. The repeats were really easy to remember, yet it looks so effective and it's very snugly. Just right for the hopefully warmer days ahead.

I also made some orange and cinnamon lip balm with vitamin E and beeswax as part of my way-delayed Xmas parcels. The contents were all ready before Christmas (apart from the lip balm of course), but then Royal Mail couldn't handle the work because of the weather and then my boxes ended up in the bin as part of a tidy-up, so I still haven't sent anything to my friends, but I promise to send out the presents this week.

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