Tuesday, 18 January 2011

A stitch says more than a thousand words ...

... and sometimes it takes a few stitches to get it all out of your system.
 Don't you find it really annoying too when people think they know everything best and just constantly have to interfere with your life and totally disapprove everything you do, like or enjoy? Well, it upset me a lot recently and made me very angry, so I just had to make the above cross stitch. Sorry about the cursing but it felt so much better to simply release my anger that way.

However, I still prefer the one I made a few years ago from the Subversive Cross Stitch book by Julie Jackson. 
Ok, enough with the profanities, here's something more cheerful. About a week ago I brought in a few twigs from our Forsythia shrub and it started blossoming. Doesn't it look pretty?


  1. sooooo schön.......

    Gruß Manu

  2. ok...jetzt, da ich rausgefunden habe wie es funzt, noch einmal mit ein paar mehr Worten....

    Ich finde den frühlingsblüher ja sooo Schick.

    Und die Stickerein mit den Bienen ist auch voll süß.

    Bei der Stickerei mit dem Business...tja ich glaub, da hab ich den Wortsinn net so recht verstanden..... Aber du hast fein sauber gearbeitet ;o)

    Gruß Manu