Sunday, 9 January 2011

As promised ...

... an update before they end of the week, just made it in time though. O.k., one thing I have learned from all this is that I really should post as soon as I've finished a project or have something to say rather than putting things of. 

So what happened between my last post last year and this year's re-design?

I had a lovely Christmas.

The run-up to Christmas was busier than ever as we decided to make a hamper for Jamie's parents again but this time we didn't have anything prepared. Amongst plenty of other things we included a doily covered homemade orange and cinnamon soap, several jams & relishes with crochet doily covers that can be used as coasters and some hand-rolled beeswax candles.

We kept a few of the candles for us and lit them on Christmas Eve. They smelled lovely and looked so pretty.

For the first time ever I made Stollen but although it may look good on the pictures I left it to bake for too long, so it turned out rather dry, but hey, that's a lesson learned for next Christmas.

We got the cats a little house which they absolutely love, although Sophie still seems to prefer hanging out in trees.

I made some fat ornaments and popcorn, carrot and sultana garlands for the birds in the garden ...

... which even caught the pheasant's attention.

I received these lovely earrings which my friend Claudi made for me - Thank you so much, I love them!

Last but not least I made a little gingerbread village with houses that hug the brim of a tea cup based on this tutorial from Not Martha.

 As every year the plan for this year is to start on my Christmas preparations much, much earlier but when exactly is the best time to start? One month, two months before Christmas, early autumn, late summer, now???

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