Monday, 6 December 2010

It's freezing

Winter has arrived. We've had snow for the past two weeks and it's bitter cold. Today it was so cold, that the drain pipes froze, so the dirty washing-up water just wouldn't go down - yuck!

 Anyway, whilst stuck inside I managed to make a woolly wreath to get me into the Christmas spirit. Unfortunately that's the only thing I managed to finish recently. The closer it gets to Christmas, the more projects I seem to start and none of them are anywhere near finished. I decided to put any decoration projects on hold for now, so I can focus on getting gifts ready.


Oh and speaking of Christmas, look what my friend sent me: a tiny Krtek picture advent calendar. It's only the size of a postcard but by far the best advent calendar I ever had.
Danke Claudi!


With it being that cold here, I keep putting a hot water bottle in the chicken coop over night and I also made them a special treat of porridge and mealworm - yummy.

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