Thursday, 11 November 2010

Guy Fawkes, Halloween and finally an Up-date

O.k., o.k.: I'm five days late with my Guy Fawkes post, ten days late with my Halloween post and several months overdue an up-date. I can't really blame you, if you've stopped visiting, my very own sister told me that she's given up checking for up-dates. In my defence: I really haven't been too well recently but now I'm back and I'm planning on posting more regularly. I know I've said this before but with Christmas just around the corner I'll be working on quite a few projects for presents and decorations which I'd like to share. Also, as it's getting dark early now and the weather isn't too pleasant I will probably be spending most of the time, especially the evenings indoors and at home, so regular up-dates should come naturally.

Now back to Guy Fawkes and Halloween. As I still wasn't feeling too good on Bonfire Night we didn't go anywhere to watch the big bonfires and firework displays. Instead we invited Jamie's parents round to our house for a quiet evening with hot dogs, jacket potatoes, modest fireworks and of course sparklers.

My Halloween decorations this year started from a simple autumn display and then just grew from that ...

... after adding this little amigurumi pumpkin and this cute woodland owl - both free patterns from Lion Brand ...

... then came the t-shirt & chestnut ghosts, ...

... the flat crochet pumpkins and ...

... the scary egg skulls produced by my hens and inspired by this post.

Along with some mini cauldrons and glow-in-the-dark skeletons they formed my Halloween trees.

Based on this awesome idea I created this gruesome zombie doll graveyard in a plant pot.

Although no one really ever comes to out to our house, I made some cup cakes just in case some little trick-or-treaters got lost.

But Halloween wouldn't be Halloween without some carved pumpkins. Jamie's (on the left) was meant to look like Ace Frehley from Kiss, whereas mine (on the right) looked rather jolly this year.

Last but not least there was of course dressing up: first as a witch ...

... then as a cat with some hand knit accessories from this free pattern.

But it didn't just end with me getting dressed up, I made some little devil horns for Zoltan.

Although, I made them especially for the cat, Teddy and the devilish apple on the tree wanted to get dressed up too.

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