Monday, 24 May 2010

Summer's here!!!!!!!

Yeay, the thermometer climbed up to 28.7 degrees Celsius this weekend, which is rather unusual for the UK, especially for this time of the year. I know it's not going to last and it's already cooled down a little, but it made such a nice change. As I spent most of the weekend outside gardening, I ended up with a minor sunburn, despite being in the shade most of the time, but it was the first summery weekend in a long time and I'm just not used to it - next time I will take more care.

I filled a little paddling pool with water in order to cool my poorly ankle, but then it got that hot, that I just really fancied a full-on dip in it - and so I did + I took Zoltan, the nosy cat with me, needless to say he didn't like it too much although he only ended up with a slightly damp tail.

As I usually suffer from real bad headaches and even migraines when it's too hot and sunny - especially now that I dyed my hair a darker shade, I made myself a rather hippie-ish, floppy-brimmed sun hat based on this pattern. Ahh, just in time. It's just right, not too warm, not too heavy and bright enough to reflect the sun light instead of attracting it like my current hair colour.

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