Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Ouch & Mmmh

Last Friday evening I was clumsy enough to slip and fall in my garden, where I sprained my right ankle, pulled a muscle in my left leg and trying to stop my fall, landed full on in the nettles with my hands - ouch. Luckily my neighbour is a first-aider and looked at my ankle straight away and told me what to do. It actually looks worse than it feels, but means I am now going to my work in my slippers, as there aren't any other shoes that fit me and offer support at the same time, but I'm telling you it's so comfy to wear your slippers to work, actually they are slipper boots, which look like fake uggs, so it's not too obvious.

Anyway, hooray to elasticated tubular ankle support, which saves me from bandaging it every day after applying my cooling gel + it's offering great support. However, looking at the simplicity of the design, I could have probably knitted something myself with some stretchy, elastic yarn. I think I might just do so anyway, just in case I'm stupid or clumsy enough to have such an accident again + it would probably look far more funky than this. All it seems to be is a tight legwarmer, that's stretchy enough for the swelling and bruising without feeling uncomfortable - right? A simple 1x1 ribbed knitted tube should do the job.

Despite being slightly lame on foot, I managed to make this cinnamon lip balm based on my own thought-up recipe which goes like this (in case you'd like to try it):

Add some lilac blossoms, a tea spoon of honey, a tea spoon of freshly brewed ground coffee grains, a tea spoon of cocoa powder, some ground cinnamon, a few drops of essential cinnamon oil, three tea spoons of petroleum jelly and a little beeswax into a microwavable bowl and microwave for about 1 1/2 minutes or until it's all melted. Then I pierced a few vitamin E capsules and squeezed the content into the mixture and also added the empty capsules to it and microwaved it all again for 30 seconds. I then strained this through some muslin into a clean container and left it to cool. It's a really nice texture, scent and taste and cinnamon is meant to have a plumping effect, so this should help to get a perfect pout - hehe.

My chickens have also been very busy and I made a tasty egg mayonnaise sandwich for my pack-up with some of the fresh eggs and some fresh chives from my garden. Hopefully next time the mayonnaise will be homemade as well.

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