Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Muscle Rub & Greenhouse Joy

I made some nicely scented muscle rub last night by adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil, some pine needles, rosemary, thyme and plenty of chillies to some melted petroleum jelly and a little bit of beeswax. I've used the chillies as I was hoping to create a deep heat treatment but that didn't quite work out. Anyway, I've been using the balm this morning as I must have slept funny and had a bit of a stiff neck .... and it worked! It's probably due to the rosemary aiding blood circulation and the thyme having a numbing effect, whatever the reason, I was impressed it worked. I even applied some to my temples when I felt a headache coming and even that worked! The beeswax turned it into a nice textured balm, which was just right, not too soft, yet not to hard and really easy to apply.

Also, look what Jamie got me: a little greenhouse. Just what I need to protect some of my plants after the frost the other night destroyed my runner beans.

Last but not least tonight: I'm sharing the beautiful view I have from the bottom of my garden.

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