Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Eggcited - Part 4 & 5

I finally got my chickens last Wednesday and I absolutely love them. The ex-battery deal didn't quite work out, so I had to find a local breeder, which certainly wasn't easy but definitely worth the effort as they are so lovely and so much fun. These cute little ladies are called Olivia (at the front) and Antonia (at the back). They're about a year old and already seemed to have settled in, they even eat bread and worms (!) out of my hand and are really good going back into their coop when it's bed time. I'd love to let them roam around freely during the day but one of our cats just seems a bit too interested in them and unfortunately that's the cat that previously killed a pheasant, so I think I better invest in a bigger run (although ours seems a decent size for two) and only let them out when I'm around, so I can keep an eye on them.

Aren't they nice? It was so difficult to choose as the lady who sold them had so many different pure and mixed breeds to pick from, but them two were my favourites when it came to character.

Hey, believe it or not: they laid an egg within the first 24 hours. The eggs are tiny, but just look how proud I am.

Oh, the reason I haven't been posting for a while wasn't just because I've been spending a lot of time with my new pets but also because we had company: my dad and sister came over from Germany for the first time to come and see us. I very much enjoyed the few days we had together and I think they did too. Just look at them enjoying their first ever portion of fish & chips near the sea front - they don't like their pics being published on the internet, hence them being in disguise.

When going out for days with my dad and sister I found a Dr. Who Tardis in Scarborough ...

... and had lots of fun jumping up and down on the beach.

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