Monday, 26 April 2010

Look, what I found!

Quite the opposite to Alice's "Drink Me" bottle, a "Not To Be Taken" poison bottle! I found it when turning the soil in my veg patch the other day. I keep finding all sorts in there. Not sure what used to be here a few decades ago, but I found lots and lots of vintage pharmaceutical bottles in the garden when I first dug up the lawn to turn it into a veg garden. I might clean them all up and have them on a shelf as there are quite a few pretty looking ones. I think my best find, yet waste, so far was a little bottle that still had some liquid in it, thinking that it might be some old, gone off medicine I discarded the content and was pleasantly surprised by the smell, only to find that the bottom of the bottle read: "Chanel No. 5" - bummer, what a waste! Anyway, amongst all those treasures I've also come across some rather grotesque big bones, including several pig jaws with their teeth still in it - yuck!

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