Sunday, 11 April 2010

Eggcited - Part 2

My chicken coop and run finally arrived on Friday and I've been itching to put it together. I think I did really well putting the house together all by myself but then Jamie and his dad took over and built the run. Being typical men they decided to go against the instructions and placed the sides the opposite way round, so the door would face the garden, which now makes it impossible for me to reach the little door and window at the front of the house. I will have to take the run apart again and assemble it as intended. Anyway, there's still plenty to do before any chickens can move in, first of all I will have to make it fox-proof, but I might be able to get it all done next weekend, if the weather is on my side and then I might be able to get some hens the week after.

Jamie also painted my shed blue, which makes it look so much better, kinda like a typical British seaside chalet + my gnome stickers in the window look so much better on a cheerfully painted shed.

We went for a walk to the pond this afternoon where I saw this nest in the water with what I assume are duck eggs, but please let me know if you think they might be something else as I'm really not sure.

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