Monday, 19 April 2010

Been Poorly

I haven't been very well recently, hence the lack of posts. It was really just a cold but it was so intense that it knocked me out for several days and I had to stay in bed.

I've been nursing myself with some homemade remedies such as elderberry cordial which I made back in September last year. I was well impressed that it actually helped me. I'd say forget about lemsip or any over the counter cold and flu medicines, this cordial works miracles and tastes fantastic. I had a few spoons full on its own to sooth my throat but I mostly had it as a drink diluted in hot water.

When I made it last year I said I'd never go through all this effort again as it was quite a messy job despite doing it in the slow cooker but as soon as I tasted it I knew I'd make it again, especially now that I know that it actually works.

I've also been having some chili sherry that I prepared last June but it's now that hot, that I can literally only have a tiny sip of it at the time and even that is giving me hiccups straight away but it sure warms you all the way through and clears your nose.

To make sure I kept having enough liquid I enjoyed plenty of the lemon cordial I made last August. I prepared that one in the slow cooker as well, so hopefully it preserved some of the vitamin C.

Thanks to all these remedies I'm already feeling a lot better and seem to have recovered quicker than when taking the usual over the counter medicines.

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