Friday, 5 March 2010

First Wine of the Year

This week I finally filtered and bottled my apple wine, that I started back in January.

Also, with the weather starting to feel a bit more like spring, Jamie and I got chance to go out in the garden for a long overdue tidy up. We gave our composter a bit of a make-over too by adding some cute gnome stickers to it.

Jamie even managed to dig in our new wildlife pond. It still looks a bit empty and rough around the edges but we are going to get some plants to go in it and are waiting for the ones around it to grow.

We went for a walk to look for some frog spawn to rescue from the goldfish pond on the farm but I think it's still too cold and too early for that as the pond seemed lifeless.

But despite the still low temperature it's nice to see at least a bit of flower power around the house.

1 comment:

  1. Have you sampled any yet? Apple wine sounds so good! We've got some blackberry wine and ginger beer that needs bottling this weekend. It's going to be a merry couple of days..... :)
    P.S Love the gnomes!