Monday, 22 February 2010

Eggcited - Part 1

Last year I decided to get some chickens in 2010, so I bought a few books on keeping chickens and saved my Christmas money for a chicken house. Today I finally ordered my coop and run. This is the one:

I went for the 600 mm deep one which houses up to 6 chickens, although I am only planning on getting 3, but that way they will have plenty of space. I bought the run as well, as I will have to keep them in there during the day, while I am at work, because I am worried the fox might get them and living on a farm I've seen quite a few of them around. That means I will only be able to let them roam free in the garden when I am out with them, which I am hopefully going to be a lot once the weather gets better. I hope it arrives soon. Jamie and I are both on holiday (at home) next week, so if the weather allows we should be able to put this up.

Once we're all set this will make a lovely house for 3 ex-battery hens. Oh, I can't wait to give these poor things a proper home. Hey, maybe by Easter I will have my very own chickens, and maybe even eggs. How cool would that be?

As the "Part 1" bit in the title suggests I am planning on keeping you in the loop, or should I say coop, with what's happening, so watch this space.

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