Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Treats for Me

Ah, at last some treats for myself ... in the shape of homemade crackers, homemade cheese and homemade ginger beer. Life doesn't get much better.

And, yes, you did read right, I made my own cheese. It's only a cream cheese made from homemade youghurt and salt but it's very yummy and tastes a bit like Philadelphia but much better.

I also made some banana bread for breakfast ...

... started some apple wine ...

... and bought a daffodil to bring some spring spirit into the house.

I'm still practicing on my sewing machine and would like to try some applique, so I was looking for some bits of suitable fabric and was thrilled when I found some vintage scarves and pillowcases in a charity shop in my lunch break. They're all printed in lovely colourful patterns, which seems perfect for what I've got in mind.

The cat wasn't included but as always he had to be the centre of attention and posed in the middle of my fabric treasures.

Oh, I did end up making something for Jamie too. He got himself a new mobile phone last week and I knitted him a little cozy for it to keep it free from scratches.

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