Monday, 2 November 2009

Things to make and do with Pumpkins

Apart from obviously carving them for Halloween:

You can roast them ...

... in order to turn the flesh into puree ...

... for a lovely pumpkin pie. I found an American recipe and tried it. It was the first time I ever tasted it and I loved it.

It's nice with some maple sugar flavoured whipped cream:

Pumpkins are also great for soup ...

... and as an addition to mashed potatoes which I had with pork, pumpkin and honey sausages that I got from butcher's.


  1. Hallo meine Maus!
    Hast du schon mal probiert Kürbismarmelade. Könnte dir, wenn du möchtest, ein rezept für ne Kürbis-Apfel oder Kürbis-Orangen Marmelade geben. Voll lecker.
    Gruß Manu

  2. hey, danke manu, aber ich hab noch 2 glaeser kuerbis-apfel vom letzten jahr ;)