Monday, 9 November 2009

Quick Lantern Pictorial

As promised in my last post here's a tutorial how to make a lantern.

You won't need many materials for step 1 and even less for step 2: just and old cardboard jar such as a big coffee jar (from work) or a normal household sized hot chocolate one, self adhesive vinyl foil, a pair of scissors, a pencil, a stanley knife, some transparent coloured paper, some glue and tea lights. I also used a cookie cutter and paper in a contrasting colour to cut out a template but this entirely depends on the design you are using as you can of course freestyle and maybe even make your lantern look like a church window. The possibilities are endless.

First of all, cut your foil to size and wrap your jar with it, being careful to keep bubbles to a minimum.
Then cut out your template, if you are using one, and trace around it with a pencil. This should work well if you are using a vinyl foil. I held my templates in place with a tiny bit of blue tack.

Then carefully cut out the shapes using a stanley knife.

Finally cut out some circles from the transparent paper, slightly bigger than the shapes you have cut out, and glue them to the inside of your lantern.

Last but not least pop in a tea light. Maybe use a little blue tack to stop it from sliding around.

If you are planning on hanging it up or carrying it around on a stick, like I did, attach a piece of string, or ideally some wire to avoid any risk of fire ...

... and enjoy your handmade lantern.

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