Wednesday, 21 October 2009

An accidental Shrug

A few weeks ago I was working on a triangular crochet shawl in Solomon's knot, also known as lover's knot stitch. I must have worked the edging too tight as the centre corner curled inwards quite strongly and even blocking wouldn't fix it. I got frustrated and just left it in my craft basket and totally forgot about it until last weekend. I've been tidying my craft basket and found it, but couldn't decide whether to get rid of it altogether or whether to recycle it by frogging it - can you use that term for crochet or does frogging only apply to knitted garments?

Anyway, I had this bright idea of simply attaching the corners on the long edge to the centre edge in order to form "sleeves" which would cause the misshapen shawl to turn into a shrug. So this is what it looks like:

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