Wednesday, 28 October 2009

1 Year, 57 Posts and 2,385 Visits later

Hey, it's my blog- anniversary today. I really didn't think I'd keep up with it. I thought I'd lose interest pretty soon or wouldn't be able to think of anything to write about but thinking of it as a personal diary and as a method for family and friends back in Germany and all over the world to keep track of what I'm up to inspired me to go on and on and on ... I never thought anyone else would be able to find my little blog, but the number of visits, followers and comments proved me wrong and showed me that there are other like-minded people out there interested in what I am doing, especially seeing that it's people from all over the world.

Oh, and believe you me, every comment I get, gets me real excited and happy, so please, please keep leaving your comments, no matter how long or short the are, even 1-worders make me happy.
Anyway, I'm on holiday at the moment and I've been busy making stuff, so make sure you check back soon for an up-date.

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