Thursday, 3 September 2009

Wharram Percy

Hey, I totally forgot to post these pictures from the weekend. We went to Wharram Percy, a deserted medieval village. Although only the ruined church is easily visible above ground, much more of the village layout can be seen in the surrounding fields. Here are some pics of the church, or what's left of it ...

... an old grave stone from 1687!

... and what the archaeologists discovered when digging around the church yard:

As mentioned above in the fields around the church you can see some of the foundations of the houses:

Oh, and I just loved this apocalyptic looking tree.

Pretty spooky, hey? To look at the funny side: could I please draw your attention to the cow at the horizon? It was huge!

As this former village was set in such beautiful surroundings we couldn't just go home once we finished our "expedition", so we went for a walk around the country side and spotted this cutey:

I also found lots and lots of sloe berries:

You can probably guess what I had in mind for those ... but I will show and tell you more about this in my next posts.

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