Monday, 14 September 2009

Fred - or How to enjoy the last few Days of Summer

After a quite disappointing summer - weather wise that is - we had some nice warm and sunny September days last week up until Saturday. To make the most of the lovely weather we went for a walk around the farm, climbing the hay or straw bales ...

... of course followed by one of the cats that didn't want to miss out on this.

On Saturday I made Fred, my new friend, who's going to look after my vegetable garden for the next few weeks. He used to be a fully grown scare crow, but I wasn't aware of his "poorly" leg until I put him up, when unfortunatly it broke. Poor Fred is now a dwarf scare crow, probably to be bullied for his size but don't worry, I will look after him although I'm not sure he'll be up to his job given his size ...

In the process of making him, I couldn't help but putting on a new head myself:

Oh, and here is me and Fred getting to know each other a little better:

On Sunday the weather turned rather autumnal again - cold, windy and wet - but that didn't stop me from going out to pick some elderberries, but more on that will follow soon.

And as it was quite miserable outside we got warm and cosy inside by the fireplace.

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