Saturday, 26 September 2009

Another Panta to get me through Autumn

You may have noticed my knitted purple panta headband in some previous pictures. Well, it's more of a hybrid between a hat and a headband and allows you to wear your hair tied back. I made the purple panta about a couple of years ago and worn it at least once or twice every season, obviously more in autumn and winter than in spring or summer but I got a lot of wear out of it and still love wearing it.

Anyway, I thought it was time to make another one in a different colour, now that autumn has arrived. Having some leftover yarn from my
28thirty cardi, I made this panta and I love it just as much as the purple one and I'm sure I will be wearing it a lot these next few days and weeks.


  1. ok. i love this too and wear it when you are not around. please can you get around to making me one?

  2. I love it! Looks toasty warm for the cold weather coming up!