Monday, 17 August 2009

Finding the right Balance

After I've been posting every day for a while I haven't posted anything for 3 weeks! That's not good, most of you have probably already given up on me. I hope not! To be fair, I have been quite busy with work, gardening, decorating, going out for days, trying new crafts, crocheting and so on, but you're absolutely right: this is no excuse for remaining in silence for 3 weeks.

For those of you who haven't given up on me yet, here's a quick but image heavy update on what I've been up to these last 3 weeks. I really don't like leaving it that long as the excitement of posting about things has eased off after all this time and then I have to cram everything I like into a boring summary post rather than sharing it with you there and then when everything is still fresh in my mind. I really should aim to post at least twice a week and that way I'm putting some pressure on myself to be more productive and creative. O.k., enough of this: I am sorry and I am trying to post more often. So, here's the photo update:

I made some more dishes from my homegrown potatoes:

Potatoes and herby tomato quark.

Shallow fried potatoes with bacon, sausage, onion and caraway seed.

To celebrate harvest time, we went for a walk around the field where I picked some rye and wheat ...

... to have a play around with ...

... and eventually turn it into a corn dolly ...

... and some flour by grinding the grains with a coffee grinder.

I will keep you posted should I ever get enough flour for a cookie or maybe even a roll.

Speaking of harvest - also picked some blueberries and peas from my garden.

Despite the weather looking more like autumn already here, we put up our hammock, which one of the cats was quite keen to share.

I managed to filter my elderflower wine while Jamie was giving a guitar lesson, although it's now overdue to be filtered and bottled.

We had another one of our pathetic little BBQs although since then I've bought a proper one and I tell you I can't wait to try it out, I just wish the wind would ease off a bit.
We went to an indoor flea market one weekend and I couldn't resist buying these cinnamon incense cones - god they smell soooo good!

So, you may wonder what's been happening on the crochet front? Well, I made some more flowers and tried turning them into hair decorations, which I think are looking quite cute but please correct me of you don't agree and think I'm just praising myself.

I also finally got round to making another crochet collar based on the first 3 rows of this pattern. Although it may sound again like I am just loving myself, I cannot help but say that I absolutely love the finished result but see for yourselves and let me know what you think as I am planning on making a few different collars soon.

Sorry, if I sound a little big headded today but I cannot help but think that this crochet wall clock I made looks pretty, pretty, pretty cool (quoting Larry David).

I painted the cardboard disk between the dial and the clockwork the same colour as the wall, so it looks like it's just the crochet motive on the wall.

We had an exciting day out in the North Yorkshire Moors ...

... isn't it beautiful? But the main reason I wanted to go there was to gather some wool ...

... and just look how much I found (before and after cleaning).

On the way back from the Moors we stopped at Cottam Church, an old derelict church. So pretty, yet so spooky.

And between all this excitement we also managed to decorate our living room. I just love the bird cage wall paper. It's so unusual and really sets off the room.

I hope you can see for yourselves that I haven't been lazy for the past 3 week. So once again, sorry for leaving it until so late. The thing is: I really enjoyed posting and can't believe I've deprived myself of sharing for such a long time but hey, next week I'm on holiday and I am staying at home, so hopefully that means lots of day trips and crafty evenings and therefore lots to blog about.

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