Sunday, 12 July 2009

A week in pictures ...

... well, more fake polaroids that is - they are just so addictive.

So, what have I been up to these last few days?

I've filtered my dandelion wine ...

... and bottled it and believe me it's absolutely delicious.

I filled my elderflower wine into demijohns.

We had a power cut which gave me an excuse to light my homemade candles.

I've been enjoying some homemade strawberry jam.

I also made some tasty sun dried tomato and parmesan bread.

I finally got round to practicing some granny squares but unfortunately I ran out of yarn, so it they won't make more than a cushion cover but hopefully a pretty one.

I spent some time cutting and trimming the lawn with my new lawn mower and trimmer which took ages as the grass was almost waist height ...

... but after all the hard work the cat must have thought I deserved a cuddle.

We went to garden centre again and bought more plants ...

... and therefore spent quite some time gardening but look at the rewards:

Gooseberries and white currants ...

... which I turned into jam, not quite a full jar but tasty nonetheless and given the fact that I only planted the bushes this year not a bad result.

Strawberries and blueberries ...

... which I turned into an irresistible flan

And last but not least, lots and lots of radishes.

Oh, and I caught a mole digging up my lawn!

After this rather busy week I thought I deserved a little break and some fun at seaside:

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  1. Really cute pics and wow! I'm impressed by the wine and jams, and the flan! yumm