Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Hitwise says: Elderflower Cordial

Sorry for being such a geek but having just read the latest Hitwise report and finding out that "elderflower cordial" actually was one of the fast moving search term for June under the Blogging and Personal Websites category made me grin. I would have never expected that and I am glad to be right on trend by featuring posts about elderflower cordial back in June. However, I have just opened my last bottle which isn't too good because once it's gone that's it for another year.
Hey remember, what I said yesterday about turning walks on the beach into a habit? Well, guess where we went tonight? Another beach, that's right. It was a spontaneous decision on our way back from supermarket but definitely worth the detour. The weather wasn't brilliant seeing that it was just about to rain but that meant we were the only ones there which was great. As I wasn't expecting us to go to seaside again today I forgot to bring my camera, so all I've got is some pics I took on my phone. The photos might look a bit bleak and haunting but that's a) due to the weather and b) due to the strange leftover war bunkers, but I think it looks pretty cool and gives it quite an atmosphere.

Anyway, I couldn't stop laughing at this sign: I mean how prude is that, but I guess that's just what it's like on English beaches. Where I grew up nudist beaches were the norm, although I never used to get undressed, but at least it wasn't frowned upon - ah, good old GDR time - hehe.

And here's one for the records: Meandering in Wonderland on the beach!

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