Sunday, 26 July 2009

German Potato Salad & Hungarian Lecsó

I harvested my potatoes this weekend. I only grew them in two pots by the shed but I yielded quite a reasonable crop.

I decided to turn some of them into a huge bowl of German potato salad straight away, which I managed to finish by myself in less than a day. I had it on its own ...

... and with homemade bacon croquettes (which Jamie prepared for me) ...

... and of course with sausages.

I also needed to use up some peppers I got from the reduced to clear section at supermarket, so I decided to make some Hungarian Lecsó. Just look how healthy all the ingredients look:

To give it a little kick I added one of my homegrown chillies.

It's nice on its own as a vegetarian option ...

... or with some sliced and fried Frankfurters on top.

I had plenty left, so I canned some for later.

After all that savory food I felt like a desert, so I simply sliced a couple of bananas, added some fromage fraise, a teaspoon of sugar, blitzed it all up and grated some dark chocolate over it - mmmhhh delicious.

I went to a car boot sale early this morning and bought quite a few things such as jewellery and vintage craft books but my favourite find was this citrus fruit juicer, I just had to try straight away. It looks so cool in my kitchen and it's wasting a lot less than a normal glass hand squeezer as it gets every drop of juice out of the fruits.

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