Monday, 22 June 2009

Treasures, Jam & Cordial

As promised yesterday here's an update on my weekend, a nice relaxing one without having to rush around - just what I needed.

After sleeping until midday on Saturday Jamie and I went to charity shops where I found several treasures like a battery operated Singer kid's sewing machine, some great books, a cheap demijohn, a miniature spinning wheel and some freaky old dolls.

Following a bit of gardening on Sunday I picked some strawberries from my garden to make jam. It was just enough to make one jar but it was only a test to see how it would turn out as I brought back some 3:1 preserving sugar from Germany and I just wanted to see how jam made from such a small amount of sugar would taste and the result is super fruity and delicious. As this was quite a success I will probably go to a PYO field next weekend to get some more strawberries to make jam as the ones in my garden are usually just enough for my daily fix to go with my cereals in the morning.

I also picked some elderflower blossoms to make cordial which is currently steeping in a large pan. So far it's looking and tasting good and it all should be ready for bottling tomorrow. However, I ran out of white caster sugar, so I had to replace the last part of sugar with some of my dandelion syrup I made the other week which gives the cordial a unique colour and flavour. I can't wait for tomorrow to taste it - mmmmhhh.

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