Monday, 4 May 2009

Things to make and do with Dandelion

Inspired by the last few posts on 5 Orange Potatoes and the amount of dandelions on my lawn I decided to do something with all the pretty yellow flower heads.

Whilst picking dandelions I couldn't resist wearing a little "crown" made of dandelions.

I've been picking hundreds of flowers in order to make some wine.

This is what the blossoms looked like after straining and squeezing them through a muslin bag.

Now the wine is bubbling away and I can't wait to taste the results.

I also followed these instructions on how to make dandelion syrup which turned out to be delicious.

It's extremely sweet but very nice used as a sweetener in green or herbal tea. Wait a second, there's an idea: Dandelion Tea! Unfortunately it's been a rather miserable day today so the flowers didn't open but as soon as the sun's back out I will pick some more flower heads to make some tea. Any idea how to dry them without them turning into little "parachutes"? Will microwaving work? Also, having seen this post I must try some dandelion cookies! No matter what the weather is going to be tomorrow I will pick some dandelion leaves to feed to my budgies as they've been missing out on this whole dandelion adventure. I might even pick some for myself to go in a salad ...


  1. You cute gal you! Such a beautiful and uplifting post. I love that you are making the wine...don't think I'll be doing that this year. I'm envious of the little daisies growing with your dandelions. Hmmmm, drying the petals, I would pinch them off the head of the flower, they won't go to seed then. I've heard you can freeze them as well.

  2. I've always wanted to try dandelion wine...