Saturday, 27 December 2008

I'm back

Hey, I'm finally back in blog land. As mentioned in my last post I've been way too busy to be blogging these last few weeks. I've also been busy making stuff but I was in too much of a rush to take pictures of it all. Here are a few things I managed to capture:

some gingerbread

the finished hat / scarf combo that was a Christmas present for my friend, Nora

the hamper full of homemade goodies for Jamie's parents

and another cascade scarf for Jamie's mum - this time in cream and gold

However the biggest project and the most fun during this busy time of the year were my crochet
bell bottoms. Our Christmas Party had a retro theme this year and I was eager to come up with an original outfit. I found the pattern online but unfortunately I didn't have enough time to make the matching top. The trousers turned out great though and got a lot of compliments at the party.

Here's a clip from the party:

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